We can help event hosts, exhibitors and sponsors


Help you maximise your impact at industry events and boost engagement long afterwards

capitalize visibility

Capitalise on the visibility you achieve from your investment

live reporting

Accelerate your event participation with live reporting across the event, exhibition, summit, or conference

How we achieve this

  • Providing an in-house reporter to interview delegates, stakeholders, exhibitors, and sponsors as required
  • Providing a cameraman to capture the interview, experience and conversations
  • Producing live updates during the event
  • Producing post-event fully edited showreels, snippets and interviews that keep the event alive long after it is finished.

This content keeps your key messages and themes alive through your social media and intranets, sustaining the ‘buzz’ of in-person events alive on your digital platforms.

Every event is an opportunity

Roving Reporting helps you get the most out of your corporate event, exhibition, seminar, summit, or conference. It enables you to hear directly from your target market and grants you the opportunity to explain how your insurance solutions can be the answer to the problems they may be facing.

Recording conversations can create a more personal feel to your presence at corporate events, and your subsequent coverage. By giving a face to your branding and content that won’t be forgotten, you can ensure that your message is both seen and heard.