Changing the Conversation

At Macaii, formerly Boston Tullis, we believe insurance is exciting. Changing the Conversation’ to highlight The People, The Passion and The Professionalism in our industry is what we do best. Using podcasting and event reporting, to reshape the reputation of the insurance industry to drive recruitment, sales and build trust, is a transformative strategy that empowers change in our sector.

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Communication is key

Unlock the power of corporate videos, podcasts, and event reporting to redefine the narrative of the insurance profession.

Communication is our forte, focusing on personalised storytelling that builds connections. Let’s shift the spotlight to impactful visual and auditory experiences. Elevate your brand—let’s craft a message that resonates inside and outside our industry.


Welcome to “Our Why” – a glimpse into the heart of our company.

It all started with the “Insurance Brokers Podcast,” our platform for learning and brand building.

Little did we know, it would grow into a thriving business aimed at reigniting interest in insurance. In its essence, insurance revolves around people—their dreams and peace of mind—an inherently exciting profession. Our mission is simple: highlight the industry’s people, stories and passion, to boost recruitment, build trust, and reshape the conversation around insurance.

Our mission is to bridge the gap, fostering genuine connections between insurance communities. We believe that strong partnerships, energetic engagements, and humility should be at the core of our industry. From humble beginnings, we’ve grown, constantly expanding our portfolio and pushing boundaries. Join us in crafting an impactful story for your business in the world of insurance. ​

Welcome to Macaii, not just a business but a movement aimed at rewriting the story of insurance, one human connection at a time. ​

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Our Founders

David Wrathall

After more than four decades dedicated to the insurance industry, David Wrathall decided to take a step back and dip his toes into retirement. However, a burning desire to create a legacy and provide stability for his children led him to embark on an exciting new journey. With a profound belief in the potential of the insurance industry and a passion for leaving a lasting impact, David's vision was the catalyst behind our thriving business. As we've gone from strength to strength, David now embraces his third retirement, knowing he's played a pivotal role in reshaping an industry he holds dear.


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Gillie Fairbrother, Director ESG
"A different, non-corporate approach"

Adrian Saunders, Ecclesiastical
"It brought our idea to life"

Peter Knowles, Divisional Director at Cliverton
"it wasn't your traditional corporate video"

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