A bespoke podcast channel

build relationships

Connect with and build relationships in your markets

deeper insight

Providing listeners with deeper insight into the services you offer

content engagement

Disseminating your material in a manner aligned with content engagement trends

Anyone can do it! Starting a podcast is worthwhile no matter the size of your business – if you enjoy chatting, you already have all it takes!

Podcasts can provide a springboard for a vast array of marketing content:

  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • E-shots
  • Video clips
  • Social media posts
  • And more!

We can provide a full solution for your company including training, set up, hosting, and producing your podcast (and managing your associated YouTube channel if you choose). Check out our slide deck here:

Podcast listenership in the UK has been increasing each year, with a 23% increase since the pandemic began and around 21.2 million listeners as of February 2022. In the insurance industry alone, there are over 100 podcasts (check our ours @The Insurance Broker Podcast (podbean.com) #TIBP) run by insurers, brokers, insure-tech professionals, and affiliates, all chatting directly to and about their target market to understand, debate and provide solutions.

  • Podcasting can build an educator presence – let your clients learn from you, and vice versa
  • Podcasts engender a personal relationship both between the host and the guest, AND with your audience
  • Let your message be heard, and hear from your markets about their needs.