Let’s change the conversation about Insurance through impactful, insightful and personal videos.

People buy from people and the Insurance industry is a people’s business!

Building your business brand through your employees is the way in which we change the perspective on our profession.

Whether you want to develop …

  • a suite of marketing videos,
  • educational videos,
  • policy explainer videos, or even
  • internal comms

… we have developed a service offering you 10 short videos per month to connect with your audience and convey your message succinctly. The strategic planning is critical to the success of your videos, and we have all the expertise to guide you through this process.

What is a video short?

A video short is a

  • concise,
  • engaging video
  • typically lasting under two minutes,
  • designed to communicate key messages quickly and effectively.

For insurance businesses, these videos are an invaluable tool for capturing the audience’s attention, explaining complex policies, showcasing client testimonials, or highlighting unique service offerings.

With a short video you can.

  • get in front of your ideal client
  • share impactful messages with your audience
  • build trust
  • educate your audience
  • be seen as a thought leader in your area
  • Develop additional content from the source conversation.

Video shorts are perfect for sharing on social media platforms, websites, and email campaigns, making them an essential component of a modern digital marketing strategy.


Short-form videos are highly effective because they cater to the limited attention spans of modern audiences and provide a quick, impactful way to deliver your message.

Why is recording short video so difficult?

Creating video shorts doesn’t have to be complicated but you do need to get the essential components right …

  • Who is your audience
  • What are they interested in
  • What is your hook
  • How long should the video be
  • How do you maintain engagement throughout the video
  • How do we maintain consistency

How long would it take your team to make 10 videos?

From planning the content to recording and editing, the entire process requires a blend of creativity, technical skills, and time. Many businesses struggle with finding the right balance, which often leads to videos that fail to capture the audience’s attention. Crafting a compelling story in just two minutes demands a focused approach, resource and expertise that many companies don’t have.

This is where Macaii’s Video Shorts Service comes in!

What is Macaii’s B2B Video Shorts Service?

Macaii offers a premium video shorts service tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our service includes:

  • Kick off meeting for Macaii to understand your business, audience, goals and tone of voice.
  • Ongoing video directing and guiding throughout every recording.
  • 10 x 2-minute video shorts per month
  • Recorded online in a 2-hour session per month or face-to-face in London
  • Minimum three-month contract

Our service ensures you get professional-quality videos without the hassle of setting up complex recording equipment or spending hours scripting and editing.

What is the Process and How Much Time Will You Have to Commit?

  1. Initial Consultation: We start with a consultation to understand your business, goals, and target audience.
  2. Monthly content Planning: We help you plan the content for your videos, focusing on key messages and themes.
  3. Recording Session: You can choose to record online via a 2-hour online session or face-to-face in London. Other locations are available on request. During this session, we guide you through the recording, ensuring you stay on track and capture high-quality content.
  4. Editing and Production: Our team handles the editing and production, delivering polished videos ready for use.

With just 2 hours per month, you can have 10 professionally produced short videos ready to boost your communication strategy whether this is with marketing, schemes, claims, business development and much more.

What Type of Videos Will You Get, and on What Platforms?

Our videos are versatile and can be used on multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and your website. You will receive videos tailored for different purposes according to what your business needs – we will help you every step of the way.

How Will Macaii Help Direct and Develop the Hooks?

Having a compelling hook is crucial for capturing your audience’s attention within the first few seconds of your video. Our experienced directors work with you to develop and refine these hooks, ensuring that each video starts with a strong, engaging opening. We guide you through the recording process, providing direction and feedback to help you deliver your message naturally and effectively.

Who is This Service For?

Macaii’s video shorts service is ideal for insurance companies, brokerages, MGA’s and service providers of all sizes, looking to enhance their digital presence with professional video content. Whether you are a small brokerage or a large insurance firm, our service helps you effectively communicate with your audience and stand out in the competitive market.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our service is competitively priced:

  • Online Recording: £2995 per month plus VAT
  • Face-to-Face Recording in London: £4995 per month plus VAT
  • Minimum three-month contract

This investment guarantees a consistent stream of high-quality content that can significantly enhance your business’ visibility and engagement.

Is There a Long Contract?

We keep our contracts short; an initial three-month agreement and then you are free move to a rolling contract and cancel when you need.

The work we do requires an initial time investment at the start of the project because we believe to get this right, we need to know your business like our own! We conduct thorough research … understanding your business, your goals, your business culture and tone of voice. This upfront work ensures we can deliver high-quality, tailored video content throughout the duration of our partnership.

Ready to Elevate Your Insurance Business with Video Content?

If you’re ready to take your insurance communications to the next level, Macaii’s video shorts service is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and start creating impactful videos that resonate with your audience.