Corporate events are arguably the most exciting part of the insurance sector’s calendar. In a post-COVID world, it is more crucial than ever to build new relationships through the opportunities for face-to-face networking that these events provide, and to reaffirm existing partnerships with fellow collaborators in the industry.

As such, it is more important than ever for your company to make a splash when these events roll around. Whether you are hosting or exhibiting, a professional videographer is an invaluable addition to your overall presence at corporate events. The opportunity to conduct interviews with fellow exhibitors and prospective partners or clients is beneficial to your brand and enables your business to get the most out of your exhibiting budget.
Here are 6 reasons you need a videographer at your next corporate event:

1. Record memorable and valuable discussions

It is easy to approach corporate events with set targets in mind. However, this can, ironically, not be the most productive way to navigate this setting, where prospective partners and clients will also have their own agendas in mind. Having a professional videographer as part of your event presence can enable you to engage in interesting conversations, recorded for posterity, about the broader problems facing the sector at large and potential means of addressing them.

In an episode of the Insurance Broker Podcast with Kingsbridge Insurance Brokers’ Gary Williamson and Rachael Light, we discussed this very prospect. In the episode, Gary notes that, “at these expos and events and conferences, without probably even consciously being aware of it, you have an agenda. And it’s really hard not to filter what’s coming back at you through the agenda. It takes a lot of practising and it [involves] being wide open to it, sponging up the information.”

The presence of a videographer can therefore enable you to take a step back and record informative discussions with fellow brokers and insurers without necessarily pushing your business’ own agenda. If you’re hosting an event, or are planning to make big waves at one, having a videographer at hand is a great way to help attendees enjoy and get the most out of it.

2. Build relationships both in person and digitally

As previously mentioned, the recorded conversations that a videographer can provide create great opportunities to begin new professional relationships with prospective partners, or to reaffirm existing ones. By uploading these interviews to your website or social media pages, you also enable third parties to get involved in the conversation. These interviews can significantly humanise your brand and enable you to create a more personal connection with prospective partners or clients viewing your website for the first time.

3. Secure a long-term return on event investment

Exhibiting at corporate events, or hosting one yourself, doesn’t come cheap. Having a professional videographer to record conversations at your events secures long term ROI by generating a substantial bank of content with which you and promote your brand and market your business. As such, the budget invested into exhibiting at an event will easily be covered by the external comms opportunities which a videographer can provide.

4. Generate multi-purpose content for future use

Video interviews are extremely versatile as forms of content. From one single video interview at a corporate event, you can create podcasts, promotional videos, blogs, articles, social media posts, and more. The best part is that all the nitty gritty of video editing and sound mixing will be sorted for you by a professional videographer, so all you need to think about is the boundless opportunities for sharing your business’ message via your video interviews.

5. Give a face to your brand

Conducting interviews at corporate events is a fun and unique way for attendees to engage with your brand. It also creates an insightful springboard for outsiders viewing the interviews online to learn more about your business and the brand through the representatives of your company featured in the videos. In doing so, you will demonstrate the personable side of your brand and highlight the faces behind your business. Through these face-to-face interactions, you can demonstrate your business’ understanding of customers’ needs and of the broader issues facing the market and the trends it is undergoing, highlighting your trustworthiness and illustrating your knowledge.

6. Keep the momentum of corporate events alive

Corporate events are extremely important to our industry as it is so heavily contingent on strong relationships – between insurers, brokers, and customers alike. Using a professional videographer at these events enables you to have insightful discussions and build insightful connections with attendees, and also enables those who were unable to attend to feel some of the magic of raw face-to-face relationship-building. The content created by these interviews will enable your business to sustain the momentum created in the few days that corporate events last for weeks or months to come, until the next event.

Good communications are the cornerstone of everything we do at Macaii. We aim to amplify your business’ message both internally and externally – all our services are geared towards ensuring that it is heard loud and clear by your existing and prospective clients and partners. For your next corporate event, consider using our bespoke videographer and roving reporter services. To find out more, contact us at…