Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most popular and effective tools for sustaining and enhancing brand engagement. A key reason for this is their versatility – as conversations, they often include tangential discussions or titbits that are themselves worthy of their own unique pieces of content. Thus, in addition to humanising your brand and giving a personable face to your business, podcasts can also add a significant value to your marketing strategy by facilitating a variety of new original forms of content. Here are 7 ways to multipurpose your podcast to maximise your marketing reach:

1. Social media posts (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)

Maintaining a podcast isn’t as simple as uploading the file to your platform of choice and watching the listens roll in. It also needs to be promoted, and posting clips of your podcast to your social media pages can be hugely beneficial in this regard. Not only can it increase your podcast streams; it can also bring attention to your website and the services you offer. Direct marketing of your products and services via your social media platforms can be potentially alienating. A subtler form of marketing, such as directing your followers to listen to your latest podcast, can be more engaging.

2. Video clips

On social media, brands have 1.7 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention (1). Recent social media engagement trends indicate a general preference towards short-form video content, as indicated by the ever-increasing popularity of TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. The short videos uploaded to these platforms can rack up thousands or even millions of views. Posting short video clips of the best segments from your podcast containing small insights about industry trends or advice for businesses are easily digestible, while also signposting the longer episode for those who may be interested. Short, snappy and informative clips can be engaging, fun, and memorable, and are therefore an invaluable means of directing traffic towards your website.

3. E-shots/blogs

There also remains a demand for more traditional written marketing content, and your podcast can provide a great springboard for this. You could write a blog or e-shot summarising the key points covered in an episode, and encouraging those interested to listen. Alternatively, you could emphasise one or two key pieces of advice for business-owners.

4. Educative articles

In your podcast, a guest might touch on a topic worthy of its own piece of content. From this basis, you can create an article exploring this topic in greater detail. Informative and educative marketing content is becoming increasingly popular as a subtler way to create familiarity with your brand and to demonstrate your concern for the interests of your clients, both existing and prospective.

5. Inviting different guests

A great way to expand the reach of your podcast is to broaden the remit of those who you invite on as guests. You need not always be concerned with directly marketing your services and products in your podcast. In inviting different types of guests with different specialisms, you can encourage a wider range of people to listen whilst simultaneously communicating with your target market, thereby broadening the impact of your podcast.

6. Collaborate with other businesses

By collaborating on a podcast with other business owners either within your field or in a different specialism or sector of the industry, you can tap into their clients and market. In doing so, you can generate a greater scope of interest in your own products and services.

7. Be reflective

Often, the most effective types of marketing, particularly on social media, are those which highlight the people behind the business. In your podcast, don’t be afraid to lift the curtain a little and show the human side to your business. An episode reflecting on your own business’ journey could be highly insightful for your listeners, and further emphasise your own transparency and your desire to address the needs of your clients.


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